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Posted on July 31 2022

Hey, I am Rebecca! Content creator for Esther & Albie. I have two beautiful children. I’m still currently breastfeeding my baby and I also did breastfeed my firstborn too. 
Both of my breastfeeding journeys have been completely different experiences. My firstborn was born premature so it was difficult because I had to pump every three hours as well as latch him on and we had to use a nipple shield for three months whereas my second baby there were no issues at all she was born right on due date and latched on and feeding as soon as she popped out. 
What are some things you wish you knew before you started your breastfeeding journey? There are so many things I wish I knew. Everybody talks about your ‘birth plan’ and doesn’t really touch base on the reality of what to expect with breastfeeding. I didn’t know how hard, exhausting and tiring it would be. 
Any advice for future mums starting their breastfeeding journey?
It really does take a village. If you have parents or family and friends nearby that is great because you need all the support you can get. Those newborn days are difficult  when a baby is cluster feeding all night so it’s good to be able to get help around the house and meals made or delivered too. What helped me was I set up a ‘breastfeeding snack station’ it was just a box I kept on the couch or near my bed with snacks and drinks because your body really needs all the food and fluid it can get especially in the early stages. 
Best piece of advice about motherhood that helped you?
Always listen to your gut and you know best. Everyone will always try to give you unwarranted advice and it gets really upsetting and confusing on what to do but at the end of the day you’re the child’s parent and you know best. Once I did this I parented the best way possible. Also every journey of motherhood is different so don’t compare yourself to others.
Myths busted..things that didn't work that you were told could or should? Dream feeds or offering formula to my baby didn’t make him sleep any longer or throughout the night. 
If you could turn back time, would you change anything. If so, what and why?
I was so scared of feeding in public the first time around that I would hover to areas where people wouldn’t see me. This time around I’m proud of feeding my baby and when in doubt it’s always whipped out! Another thing was I focused more on my baby appearance and dressing him up in cute clothing and as mother’s we forget about ourselves this time around I’ve got a lot of clothing such as Esther & Albie which has boosted my confidence and self esteem and I feel good about myself. 

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